Saturday, January 9, 2016

The snow is coming.

 We are finally getting some snow.
6 to 8 inches.
By morning it will look like this.
 Just in time to cover my daffodils that have started
growing because of the warm weather.
I must remember to fill the bird feeder.
 I need to go to town to get a few groceries and
to take down my art quilts that have been at the library
for 2 months. Except for one that I am selling to
Sunday Martinez Poole. The sunflower quilt it will
brighten her walls now.
 I have started my yearly clean the studio and boy
does it need it. Hopefully it will look like this by
the end of next week. I want to start making and
experimenting with new projects but must clean first.
 Well I had better go to town get groceries and fill
the feeder and the suet racks for the birds.
Than hunker down for some snow.
Owen is coming for the afternoon.
I found the army men for the fort.
We will play.
Have a great weekend.

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