Monday, June 27, 2016

Flower Power

 I love my flowers.
This year I put all annuals in pots.
I find that there are less weeds.
 I am trying to dye some fabric.
So far the results are not the best.
I can always use them for backing.
 Today I am trying something new.
I soaked fabric in soda ash water.
Scrunched or folded and put in the freezer overnight.
Today I will pour dye over them.
If I can ever get my camera to download photos
I will show them to you.
 Finally got my Bi-pap machine.
10 days of 7 hours of sleep a night is giving me energy.
The machines and mask are so much better 6
years later. Not a problem at all to wear and sleep.
Hopefully I will once again be creative.


  1. OMG...7 hours of sleep...I can only imagine how good you would feel!!! I haven't had 7 hours of sleep since I was a baby!!!! Good for you!!!! I am interested in eco dyeing at the moment...doing some reading...I have dyed with wood chips before....guess we'll see! Let me know if you want some wood chips to play with...they came from a dyer who dyed their own yarns.

  2. Yes sleep apena is tough but the new machines and mask make it easier.