Monday, December 12, 2016

Costa Rica

 Every February My Dad traveled to
Costa Rica to fish. He did this even into his 70's
I kept his box of memorabilia  and found it the other day.
How like Hemingway he was.
Cameras, travel, fishing and full of life. 
He took us traveling too.
2 trips to California. Going the northern route from
Indiana and coming back the southern route.
I remember staying in Yellowstone in a cabin.
The girls were in their own cabin.
At night the bears scratched on the door.
That's where I met Merlin Olson.
I was 16 and he wanted to hang out.
Thank goodness my Dad said no.
I was pretty naive back then.


  1. THE Merlin Olson??? Rams Merlin Olson? How great you still have all those memorabilia to look at and to reminisce over!!!