Saturday, January 7, 2017

Looking back and learning.

 As I prepare to walk around the corner of 2017
I just have 1/3 of the studio to clean.
Hopefully I will finish today.
 Its been an eye opener to see the art I made 10 years ago
How much I have learned  from all the other artists.
Thanks Doris, Bonnie, Katie, Lyric, Jane, Anita, Susie
 Kate, Barbara, and so many more.
Keeping good company is worth it.
 Its remind me what worked and what I can expand on.
Looking at the 27,000 photos showed me some horrible
starts. Some really nice pieces.
Reminded me of who has my favorites.

 The heron painting I kept.
I really need to do more with silk.
Like the birds nest.
Here's to a new year.

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