Sunday, September 22, 2019

Watching the Humming Birds

 We love our   birds here at Cedar Ridge.
Great entertainment. Watching nesting,
hatching and learning to fly.
 Bees, flowers and watching the deer.
Sitting on the deck and watching the sun set.
Watching the birds hurry to their night roost.

I love   all the seasons of the year except July and August.
Watching the season wind down towards fall
I anticipate  winter. my favorite of all.
When I can hibernate in the Studio and make ART.
I have been sprucing up the house outside and in.
Scrubbing, weeding and having things painted,
Light fixtures outside cleaned.
Just need to get some new mulch spread on garden
areas I have changed or eliminated.

But first.
Thanksgiving and Christmas,
Than Studio time.


  1. We too love watching the birds. This year we had 'tons' of Orioles, which has been so entertaining. We still have at least one Hummingbird that is hanging/eating around!!! They are usually gone by now but this least we think it's just one...keeps eating. Hope she makes it. Males have been gone for quite sometime.

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