Monday, December 9, 2019

Sand Hill Cranes

My friend Claudia Pletting is a awesome photographer.
She captured all these photos of the annual migration
of the sand hill cranes. 
Over 20,000  pass through in the fall.

The sound of them passing is part of the music of fall.

I think Robby is my only follower so this might
be my last post. Thinking about ending my blog.


  1. Oh no!!!! I love your posts/pictures...sand hill cranes so awesome!!! So many are tossing their blogs aside for FB and Instagram. I will continue with my blog just so I can print out for my 'diary'.....I used to keep a journal but it's so much easier to document online...and then print out...AND I forget how I do so many techniques so I can always look back on my blog. Hope you do continue even if it's weekly!

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