Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 Christmas Card

 Merry Christmas &
A Blessed New Year
                    Bill & Mary Van Soest
This is how it looks outside today.
Another peaceful day in the country
It's been a good year at Cedar Ridge.
Bill got to go fishing lots of times
The garden produced an abundance of veggies.
We filled 2 freezers and 4 dozen jars.
Brought a lot to the neighbors too.
Mary spent a lot of time in the studio.
Sewing, painting, drawing & reading.
My studio is full of fun stuff to do.
Have a  great Holiday season.


  1. Mary.... your Christmas card is beautiful! I can only image what views you have to inspire you in Cedar Ridge Studio... Your Christmas Delight comment touched me. I think it is WONDERFUL that you share your holiday with those that don't have family.

    Happy Holidays

  2. Beautiful card! I wish we had such a view from our window for Christmas!

  3. Beautiful picture! Did you paint it?

  4. ...this painting is just gorgeous!! It glows... Your recipients are lucky!

  5. Truly gorgeous and inspiring painting of winter! Merry Christmas from Maine, Linda

  6. Love your gorgeous Christmas card! AWESOME!

  7. This watercolor is wonderful, but it would translate to a quilt beautifully. jus' saying...