Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recyle Art

One of my artist friends sent me some photos of  scrap art. I though this was a clever use of spark plugs.

Tuesday the 21st and the days will get longer from this point.
 Another 4 inches of snow and more to come on the weekend.
Finishing off the stockings today all 28 of them. And the Dirty Gerty  gifts- a good way to regift.
We do Christmas different at our house. Instead of gifts I do stocking for everyone.
Our family and guests have to bring a $10 wrapped gift that we put in a pile and play Dirty Gerty. Everyone gets a number and you hope for the last number. When your number comes up you pick a gift but you don't always get to keep it because someone can take yours instead of grabbing from the pile. That's why you want to be last.
Of course we salt the pile with things like the belly dancing kit ( a older single man got that one)
The henna rub on tattoos ( 89 year old Reka picked that one year)
The year of the marshmallow guns was fun I found dry-ed miniature marshmallows for  several months after Christmas.
There are always some beautiful items the ladies take from each other like last year the beautiful throw.
Looking forward to Saturday to see  what  will be in the pile this year.

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