Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Ready For the Storm

I really should be painting.
But the big storm coming makes me nervous.
Sewing calms me for some reason.
So here I am at the machine with these squares I made last week.
Made a few more.
I added a border of zebra strip.
Wanda Hansen was right.
A touch of black helps the quilt pop.
Now I have to decide what to do with this.
Make a table topper, a quilt or some aprons. 
Any suggestions?
In the morning I will prepare.
Fill the bath tub with water.
Fill a couple of pitcher with water.
Our power always goes with a storm.
Must get the neighbors organized to trim trees this summer.
I already filled the bird feeders today.
Ran my errands in town.
Set the flashlights ready.
I will start a hand quilted piece in the morning.
We lived through the 1967 storm of 23 inches.
I remember the 7 foot drifts.
I still have the photos of that one.
I remember making a pot of soup and homemade bread.
Playing with the kids in the drifts.
Keep safe everyone. If you are in the path of this storm.
Stay home. Being stuck out on the road in a storm is dangerous.
The last storm in January the rescue crews could not keep up.
Relax and stay warm. Read a book, knit  and create.

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