Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nine inches and counting.

Working on my homework for class on Friday.
Made a double batch of brownies.
What  is the best remedy for stress.
Chocolate. Howling winds and snow call for chocolate.

 We have to make a bowl,
 a tall form and a tile with the sprigs on it.
Sprigs are forms to fill with clay
to adorn a pottery piece.
Just have to make a vase yet.
Raw clay looks so drab.
  Just had to throw some color in.
June in the garden.
Tiger Lilies and Hydrangeas.
 This hydrangea bush is 5 foot across.
Covered with blooms every June.
We sit outside and this is our view in the summer.
Soon it will be spring.
The storm should be over by Wednesday supper.
Just have to get through the lake effect Wednesday afternoon.
My sister lives 1 miles from Lake Michigan.
She will get twice the snow we get.

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