Thursday, March 3, 2011

Leaf Collages

Finally got some studio time.
I need 15 collages for my solo show in May.
Created 5 yesterday.
Trees are my thing.
 I press and dry leaves from my woods.
Than I coat them with acrylic or alcohol ink.
This way the stay bright forever.
I can also have purple and teal leaves.
Fun to try for an unexpected touch to the collage.
 Last week I made papers out of tissue and newspaper.
I learned this technique at
the Midwest Collage Society fall retreat.
Lay a piece of newspaper down put a sheet
of tissue over. Mix half & half of water &gel medium.
Coat the paper with this mixture. Let day for a few hours.
Stain paper  with mix of half water & half liquid acrylics.
Let dry and stamp if desired.

I found some old books at the local library
 book sale for 30 cents each.
they make great collage material too.
Especially to add words.

 I made 64 clay tiles from 2 types of clay.
Friday I will work with the student intern
at the collage to test Cone 6 glazes.
We will work  on coming up with 10 basic glazes to use.
I am glad I took chemistry in High school.
Helps me to understand chemical reaction.
Glad to be  productive again.

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