Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Better late than never.

Started a new quilt today.
I made some clay forms last fall with bird
stamps I and carved.
Painted and stained these will add some interest to quilts.
I have a group of crows that entertain me all year.
They like to hang out by the pond and gossip with each other.
 I printed a fall scene onto silk fused it to the background.
Added some leaves.
Stamped some circles and dragonflies
Now to add some hand stitching.
I messed around  making a book cover for my Kindle.
It was hard not to pick up the Kindle and read.
Wednesday is a day of grocery shopping  and my
yearly mammo. Than to top off the day a massage.
Rough life.
We should have retirement when we are 45.
Could enjoy it more.

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