Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finally it is coming together.

 The Sky quilt is progressing.
but I need to decide which way it  will hang
as a tree or a branch.
Let me know what you think.
Than I can finished the leaves and
add the birds


  1. I like it more as a tree. It doesn't look like a branch to me. Nicely done.

  2. I like it as a tree, too. If it's a branch, there is no trunk to which it is attached. so vertical works for me.

  3. I prefer the vertical tree version myself, especially with your background Mary Ann.
    Horizontally, it looks too heavy and not connected.Nice subtle colors!
    Just my two cents......Leonie

  4. This piece is really lovely. I agree that "tree" is preferable to "branch," though I tried rotating it so the branch has the red on top (the trunk coming from the right), and as a branch I liked that better than with the red on the bottom. The red on the bottom adds to that feeling of too much heaviness. But even then, I still like "tree" the best - it is pretty much perfect!

    (Just so you know, I downloaded the picture to rotate it, but then I deleted it from my computer!)

  5. I think it looks like a tree, just coming into green in the Spring. Lifting it's branches to the sun makes it look natural. Lovely piece!

  6. Definitely a tree, the branch doesn't look right. It's a lovely tree.

  7. If I take it as it is the vertical position seems most balanced, but if I crop my view and remove some of the trunk on the left side then the horizontal version is the more interesting view for me.

    I greatly enjoy seeing your working progress on pieces and find your photography very inspiring as well. I've added you to my blog list at:

  8. The horizontal has so much more energy and movement - I'd orient it this way, without a doubt!