Friday, February 24, 2012

Rivers and Trees

This 12 by 12 silk art quilt depicts the rivers in our county.
One of the few art quilts I have kept.
Love the color scheme.
The Kakankee and the Irquois rivers.
I decided to change direction for the third time on
my new sky quilt.
I will lop off 2 inches of the right side
put it on the left, add more tree, leaves and birds.
Hopefully finished this weekend.
That is if I resist the invitation to visit the
Art Museum in Indianpolis this week-end.
Now off for an MRI to see if my rotator cuff
is really torn. UGH. 
Its down to a low level of pain.
2 1/2 months of therapy have helped.
Maybe I can tolerate it longer.
I really do not have time for this until July.
Have too many art and quilt things to do first.

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