Thursday, February 9, 2012

Twisted circles

I finished the circle art quilt.
This was inspired by a storm that came through
our area last June.
I was in the studio and oblivious to the outdoors.
Suddenly I saw tree tops flying through the air
outside my windows the wind howled,
debris flew through the air-quite a awesome sight.
I was home alone and when I emerged from
the basement I was amazed at the mess
created by the storm.
My cell phone rang as my grand kids and kids checked in
Thank goodness everyone was all right.
My son and grandson were on the road with
their trucks and a huge oak tree fell in front of
them than another in back of them hemming them in.
Too close for comfort.
The grand kids showed up and cleaned up the yard in a few hours.
Family is a good thing.
This quilt shows the chaos and confusion a storm creates.
I was  sadden by the destruction of so many mature oak trees.
I love my trees.


  1. Great color choice. Wonderful circles. Certainly has the movement of a twister. :0)

  2. I really like this quilt. There is texture and movement. Great Job!

  3. Your experience sounds so frightening, but what a good thing to make a great little quilt as a memento. The circles and the off set seams certainly say Twister.