Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday was good.

 More of my small works of art.
When making these I get lost in the colors and patterns
of the fabrics I use. I like the earth tones a lot.
Yesterday I went to the grocery store early I thought to
avoid the crowds. Everyone else thought the same.
My family has several tall 6'4" boys that eat lots of food.
Grandsons that can eat their weight in food.
So we are having ham, a small turkey, lamb and
meat balls for lunch Sunday along with fruit plate,
 mashed potatoes, corn, pretzel strawberry jello salad,
pickles, olives and rolls. Whew.
Well a young  boy behind me at the grocery asked his mom
where I was going to put all the food in my cart.
She told him I probably had a big refrigerator.
Actually I have a spare for holidays in the garage.
It was almost embarrassing.
I hadn't been grocery shopping for 4 weeks
 so I had  a big list.
Went home and put it all away.
 Made 97 meatballs. Extras to freeze for later.
Finally at 2 in the afternoon I sat down for a rest.
Last night when I made my list of to do's for today
I was dismayed to find it a long one.
Oh well get going and get it done.

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