Monday, June 25, 2012

Color in Nature

 I bought a $14 box of caladiums at Sam's this spring.
Money well spent.
I look at the leaves and wonder at the variety.
 They were slow to come out of the ground.
But as they unfurl the colors are amazing.
I like pruple in the garden so these continue to delight me.
Like big colorful hearts.
Brads day off is today to I will be out in the yard today.
I am Thankful for the help he has been this summer.
He really like to chop and trim.
Our bushes look good now.
Everything benefits from a good trim.
I will make some homemade chile so he
can have chile dogs for lunch.
Chile Dogs with vadalia onions and cheddar cheese.
Yum. One of his favorites.
Saturday I painted card board boxes for a
rollor coaster for Bible school.
Not much time for my art quilts.
I long for January when I have solitude to quilt.
But enjoy the moments now with family.
Soon the grandkids will be back in school.
Too busy for grandma.

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