Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gathering for the Trip South

My art quilt Gathering for the trip south is going for a trip.
The AQS show in Grand Rapids in August is the destination.
I was surprised when I recieved my packet in the mail.
How exciting to get accepted in the show.
April and I were going to the show anyway.
Now I can pose for a photo with one of my quilts
hung for display for a real show.
The idea for this quilt came from my past.
Back in the 80's I was looking out the kitchen window
and saw a flock of robins land on the crab tree by the garage.
What a sight.
The tree was pruned to a ball shape.
So there was this ball of flapping tweeting Robins.
They were attracted by the fruit.
The tree was stripped clean in minutes.
A nice way to commerate my memory.
I find that if I create my art from what I like
the end result is much better.
Have a great day all.


  1. Congratulations!! I know that feeling and it is amazing (especially your first:). Great details on the birds!

  2. Jeanelle McCall28 June, 2012 05:17

    Great news and congratulations. Beautiful birds!

  3. Congratulations MaryAnn. How good does that feel? I'm curious as to the size of the piece. It's lovely

  4. these birds are look nature and so cuteSecond Hand Vans