Friday, August 24, 2012

Back home again

 I attended the AQS Show in Grand Rapids,
I took a screen  printing class.
 As you can see I did love the circle screen.
 And the word screen.
I learned a lot of tricks with screens
how to make different screens with wax, tape
and other materiel's. I met Carol Byer Falbert
bought some of her fabric line,
saw my Chinese friend from the Chicago
International Show.
Walked and Walked.
Ate a lot of food and still lost a pound.
All that walking.
 I was a little fish in a big pond with my quilt.
I loved the Japanese quilts.
All in all I had fun with my friend April.
I really appreciate her for driving my car.
 She drives like a race car driver.
Lots of confidence,
She made the trip fun.
Off today to honor a art friend as Women of the Year.
Always busy in my life.

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