Friday, September 14, 2012

Looking at photos past.

 Here are some more of the photos I sent my client.
It brings back memories of the flower beds of past.
Each year they evolve into something new.
The basket above finally rotted out the bottom.
It was so pretty for a few years.
I love pathways into areas.
I remember hauling the rocks and dead branches
 to create this pathway 9 years ago.
Not something I could do now.
I remember the year I asked a grandchild to pick up sticks.
I had to put the dead branches back on this pathway.
I am glad I take photos to keep the memories going.
Any one of them will make a great art quilt.
Today we will chop down most of the dead
flower stems, Our regular putting the yard to bed
for the winter.  It is almost that time again.
We do it early so the white pine needles
that fall in October  can re mulch the beds.
How fast this year has gone.
It seems they go faster each year.
Last night we had Andy our grandson over for supper.
Today Brad another grandson will help.
We love to visit with them.
I will make Brad homemade thick chili.
And will send some food back to college with him.
I freeze containers of food for him  to
supplement his food budget.
Thank goodness he is only 50 minutes away.

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