Friday, November 2, 2012

The last color for Fall

Nothing beats the Maples and Pear trees for long
staying color in the fall.
Yesterday my husband drove me to Lafayette to
collect my art from 2 galleries and to
turn in my submission for our bid
for a show in 2014 A touch of Nature.
All about birds.
I also stopped at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette.
I was bad I came home with another ceramic
plate and a fish in clay.
I will hang them today and take a photo for you.
I have added a lolt to my collection this year.
I also bought a small nest mixed media piece
of J. Reitmeyer at her show in TAF.
I also bought a watercolor of Rebbeca Brody of
 sand hill cranes. She is such a good artist.
Well I am off to the studio to sort the art
I picked up yesterday.
Next week is the PAC Holiday show and I
need to label and inventory everything.
Have a great day.

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