Saturday, November 3, 2012

Time just gets away from me.

 Last night I took my friend Doris to the Gala
A fund raiser for Chesterton Art Center.
She did not know she was going to be the guest of Honor.
A secret I kept for 3 months.
This month she turns 91.
When I picked her up she lifted her leg to the dash
to show me the sexy new shoes she had bought.
I thought I cannot lift my leg 6 inches and she puts hers
on the dash of the car.
She acts more like a 40 year old woman.
Needless to say she was pleased last night.
Spent another morning cooking lunch for the guys.
My husband has the flu and could not work on the house
today. The rest of the men enjoyed the hot ham and cheese
sandwiches. Now I must go to the studio to collect
my art for the Holiday show which we will install
Tuesday. Never a dull moment.

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