Monday, April 22, 2013

Blue skies, sunshine spring flowers and ripples on the pond

 Finally a real spring day. I even went out and
did a half hour of yard work. The sun was shinning
today, spring flowers are blooming and it was warm.
 I live in a magical place. The birds are all nesting.
The pear trees lining the driveway will bloom this
week and I am almost done with the labels on my
quilts. I just need to do 5 more. Than everything
will be ready to go.  I bisque fired my fish and pots
and will glaze them the next 2 days and fire on
Thursday. Monday we will install the show.
Love this time of the year. My husband planted
the potatoes and 2 rows of sweet corn. The
tomatoes are 2 inches tall in their trays.  It is a
good life.

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