Thursday, July 4, 2013


It is time to start creating art again.
Yesterday I spent some time in the studio
and got to work finishing the 12 by 12 blocks
I need to have done by Friday.
It really felt good to be back in my chair in front
of the sewing machine.
Today is the forth of July.
The fireworks started last night (well really
I have been hearing them for days) and will
finish tonight with the neighbors big bang.
My son is moving today. The new house is not
done yet so they will camp out in the basement
and shower at her moms house. Should be
interesting for the boys they have lived in
the house they are vacating for their whole lives.
Brent will go off to college in August and the
youngest will start high school. Life brings
many changes.  I promised them lunch of sloppy
joes, chips and watermelon. I had better get cooking.

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