Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bsck Home in Indiana.

 Our last 2 days at Battle Lake were windy.
The  wind messed up the computer transmissions.
So I could not use the computer until I got home.
Traveling 13 hours home in a truck messed up my
brain waves. I will get back to normal soon.
My BPV is acting up but usually it takes only
a few days to return to normal.
Wow when we pulled in the driveway everything
was so green. As soon as I had the stuff unpacked
I spent a morning in the yard cutting back the jungle.
Now to resume studio time.
Traveling always makes me dizzy for a few days
so until it settles down I will refrain from
doing any damage to fabric. I should be back
to normal by the 4th of July. I need to finish
my 12 by 12 blocks to share I have received all
but one of the 5 from the others. I fear I will be
the last one done. Better to do them right
than to send out inferior work.

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