Saturday, July 27, 2013

Love the old ones

Abandon vehicles in a Minnesota field brings
back memories. I learned to drive in one of these.
Oh the joy of a stick shift. Good thing
Indiana is flat land. The first summer I was
driving I got flustered and forgot to turn
I drove the tractor right into the ditch.
It didn't matter how much we dinged it learning
to drive.  Memories. Lately my thoughts go back
to the 50's and 60's and how we lived life then.
Life was richer then. Families mattered.
Today I will clean the garage again. It is
going to be cool so it is a good day for the
task. Yesterday I got another 7 quilt blocks done
for hot pads for the Christmas stockings.
All in browns and turquoise. Nice colors.
My art teacher grand daughter is coming
to get some more furniture and art
supplies. Grandma is a soft touch.
That is our job after all.

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