Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Foilage added

Closing in on the finish line on this quilt.
Trees are now dressed with foliage.
Now just some final stitching  on the trees and done.
Yesterday was the day cool hand  Luke washed
my windows. So I took all the curtains down and
pulled up all the shades. Wow I remembered why
we moved here. The views are super, the light
superb. I sat in a chair by the 11 foot great room
window and just took in the morning view.
About 20 robins were taking their bath in the
koi pond just out the window. The sun was raising
higher and spotlighting the fall trees in the distance.
Every window in this house was placed to
take advantage of the views.
What a perfect day to have the windows washed.
Made me appreciate my home again.
I know I always threaten to downsize but
than I see my home in a better light with
all those windows to the trees and birds
and I am in love again.

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