Monday, October 28, 2013

Mini Quilts

 I blocked in 20 mini quilts so I have some to send
to the Ohio Craft Museum. They had sold most of
what I sent in September. But first I must finish
Dana's quilt. The series of mini quilts are from
photos taken on vacations in Sagatuck and Door
county. Two of my favorite places. I am going
to do a series of chair quilts. I loved the colorful
chairs I saw in Michigan and think they will make
nice art quilts.Than of course trees are always good.
 Even though the seasons winding down the pond
still has a fading glory. Fall colors are special.
 My husband told me we either have to close in the pond
 or have a new liner put in next spring. I think I
would miss it too much so I vote for a new liner.
Well I am off to the Studio. Have a great day.

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