Tuesday, December 31, 2013

 Looking back on 2013 I must have made about
50 of these small art quilts.
I had a show in May In Harmony with Nature IV
with Bonnie Zimmer and Doris Myers at TAF.
I was part of the FibR Show at TAF where I
showed the Creamery Quilt.
 I participated in the Jasper County Members Show
in October with 3 pieces. Than I was part of the Salon
Show in Munster, In.  where I received an award.
A milestone for me.
 I made 40 hot pads for stocking stuffers  from my
UFOs and failures. Never say failure The ufo's
 turned into great hot pads. they were a hit.
 I got some great fall photos.
 Tried something new with Katie PM in Michigan.
 Nancy and I did a play date and this
lovely golden tree quilt was the result of that.
 I did a series of Minnesota Prairie quilts.
 This is the newest quilt I am working on love the
inclusion of red in the fore ground. Sumac.
 CHAIRS. This is the basis for a show in 2015.
The whole solo show will be about chairs.
Art quilts, painted chairs, and photographs.
This small quilt was made for my sister Nancy.
This was her Christmas present.
 In 2014 I will be making 10 bed quilts for Christmas
gifts for the women in the family. 2 done so far.
This is the nest and quilt I made to get considered
for the show with Brab.
Barb Lucas and I will have a show in October 2014
combining her wildlife photography and my quilts.
I will be doing a 12 foot wide by 6 foot tall landscape quilt in
5 sections featuring Barb's photographs worked in the quilt. 
Another Minnesota quilt. 
 Robin in springtime from In Harmony with Nature show.
 Silk birds nest from In Harmony Show.
Reflected Pines. 
 The Creamery from the FibR Show.
From photos I took in Minnesota.
The best art comes from things around me.
Experiences and places that I love.
 The studio where all this creativity takes place.
Finally one of my best quilts that was in the
AQS Show in Grand Rapids this summer.
Now that I do this retrospective I am amazed
that I got so much done. I even took a month
off to spend a month in Battle Lake Minnesota.
I am so grateful that I am having this time
in my later years to finally be an ARTIST.
God is good to me and I hope I have many
more years to create art from the beauty
I see in the world around me.
Peace to you in the New Year


  1. A lovely retrospective. I am glad I was able to see your studio in person and see where all this magic takes place. Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New year to you too. It was fun having the group.