Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nesting time

I am getting work done for a show I have next fall.
I remembered that I need to do some twigs and nests.
Thanks goodness for keeping a photographic file of
work. When I submitted the show proposal I
included the nest idea. The nest is made of
yarns and strips of silk. Silk frays and makes
the best  nest, I can picture baby birds
cozy in a nest of wool and silk. Makes me
want to write and illustrate a book for kids.
Today I must finish the back of my latest
quilt, photograph it and submit it to SAQA.
I think I strayed from the theme but I love the
quilt anyway. Than to finish my submission
for Juried Art Membership to SAQA.
Deadline for both is the 28th.
One day to spare.

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