Saturday, March 1, 2014


 Yesterday I decided to make another entry
for a quilt show. 7 hours of frenzy, I did
finish it but wow was I tired.
Deadline was midnight last night.
I am showing you close-ups of the quilt.
It is supposed to be lichens.
small plants with out flowers
I do like how it turned out and even if it
is not accepted I would add more details
with yarns and Pearle cotton thread.
It will be part of my permanent collection.
I like the colors and the fabrics in this one.
First of all it did not give me enough time
to enrich the surface something I will do
if it is not accepted.
I though of so much more I could do to this quilt.
Now for a quiet Saturday.
After I pick up the studio.
Looks like a tornado hit it.

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