Sunday, July 6, 2014

Friends and good times

I took my friends Doris B Myers to brunch today
at the new Farmhouse Restaurant in Fair Oaks
Indiana today. Her and I have our art displayed there
for the next few months. This is my 92 year young
friend. While she was in the bar posing with her art
she made friends with the bar waiter, never too old for
good looking men. The food is very good and the
service was outstanding. 
Here is another old friend.
This is a painting by Doris of Charlie Carter's barn.
Charlie lived a mile north of as when I was a child.
He drank pretty heavy so he did not have a car.
He took his tractor to town to get his groceries.
He wired a bushel basket to the tractor hitch to
carry his good. I loved the looks of the old barn
and traded Doris one of my paintings for this one a
few years back. It hangs in my bedroom and I
look at it daily, she is one heck of a painter and
a great friend.

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