Saturday, July 12, 2014

Round and round

 Love this circle quilt.
It did take some time to do the beading.
The colors are so fine.
I have been going in circles this week.
Two weeks and 2 days until knee replacement.
I came up with a cough and shortness of breath so
began a series of test. My nuclear stress test showed
that my heart is in good working order. I do not know
what the Echo showed yet. I will go back to the
cardiologist on Tuesday than pre op tests on Thursday
next week. That will make 5 medical visits in 8 days.
Enough to exhaust anyone. Thank  goodness  I do not
have the heart of my father or uncles. They all
had serious heart issues. I am thinking that my
cough issue is lung related and related to the
fumes from the fabrics and products in my studio.
Darn that will mean washing and ironing a lot of
 Speaking of my father I made a small quilt about
him. He always went to Costa Rica fishing in February.
He was an avid fisherman. There are lots of green
parakeets in Costa Rica. He lived a full life. 85 years.
He enjoyed every one on them.

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