Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The year in Review

Thinking I did not accomplish much this year I went
back through the photos from 2014.
Even with 4 months out for knee replacement I find
my year was awesome and jam packed regardless.
My big project was the big quilt.
5 panels  a total of 18 feet wide and 6 foot tall.
I mentioned it to Kit from Machine Quilting Unlimited
and ended up writing an  4 page article for the magazine
that was published in September. 
 Barb Lucas and I did a joint show in Lafayette at
TAF. Her wildlife photography and my big quilt
plus another one called Minnesota Hills.
 We enjoyed many beautiful sunsets at Cedar Ridge during an extremely
snowy winter which was perfect for keeping me in the studio.
 I tried my hand at a modern quilt called
Colors of Winter.
Minnesota Hills ended up being quite large and
had 2 weeks of hand stitching on it. 
 The finished 5 panel quilt that took 5 months to make.
I entered 3  of the panels in the Salon Show in Munster
and received best of show. I was amazed.
 I made the Sunflower quilt (43 hours of stitching)
for In Full Bloom it was rejected but Kathy loved
it so it will be hers when it is done with shows. 
I thought if her when making it.
 I created several smaller quilts during the year and
sold a few at the Holiday show in November. 
This beauty went off to Montana and found a good home.
I need to repeat this one it was nice.
 Sumac Ridge finished off nicely and will be good
for shows. The evergreens looked good.
 Did I say there was lots of snow.
 I made 2 bed quilts one for Liz and one for Jordan.

 A donation quilt for SAQA,
I took time for class in April with Jane Dunnewold on
altering fabrics and surface design  held in St Charles
Illinois. 5 days of fun. Learned a lot. Jane is a really
special teacher, So kind and intelligent.
So 2014 was a very good year with many enriching
experiences, I met many great artist. I am so blessed
to be able to spend time creating art influenced by the
world of nature I see around me.
2015 is going to be a year of creating summer and
flowers. I look forward sharing  the new year with you.

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