Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter's Contrast.

 Winter gives us such opportunities for looking at the
outlines of trees. The skies are clear and a perfect
background for all the trees.
 Whether it is sunrise or sunset the color of each highlights
the trees. Each one begs to be a quilt.
Sunday was a nice sunny day to enjoy winter's
landscape. I enjoyed a day home with my husband.
 I am working on my daughters king size quilt.
I had her come over and give me some input as
to how she wants it. Good thing-our ideas were different.
So hopefully I finish it today and move on to the
flower inspired quilt in browns and greens.
 I hope you enjoyed the tour of winter inspired photos
and I will remember to take the camera to the studio
today and show you what is going on in there.
Have a great Monday I know I will.

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