Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sunflowers on the brain

 I have not been to loyal with my blog.
I have been too too busy.
I am getting ready to take off to Columbus, Ohio
to attend the QSDS 2015.
I will spend 5 days with Rosalie Dace.
Do you have a clue I will be doing sunflowers?
 I have ironed 59 yards of 805 fusible to fabric,
made the 89 x 60 background for the sunflower
flower garden quilt I am going to be working on.
I changed out the art at the Farmhouse Restaurant
and returned Irene's art to her.
Our dishwasher broke so we had to make a trip
to Lowe's to order a new one.
I need to bring my entries for a show that starts
next week to Chesterton plus I need to  pack yet.
I will try and post a few times but I will take photos.
Now for some much needed sleep.

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