Monday, June 8, 2015

I am back home.

 This was the view out my window for the
last week. I was at QSDS 2015 learning
something new. I attended the Masters Class
along with 18 other artist.  we were led by
Rosalie Dace from South Africa. A delightful
woman. Warm and witty. The artist were an unique
group of men and women. Clever, intelligent,
very talented and fun. Several of them have had
works in the Quilt Nationals. One of them 8 times.
Patty Hawkins. The nicest person I have ever met,
 I thought this was fun the mirror image of the 
sculpture across the street. The first quilt I am
showing you did not make the quilt nationals but
was in the Ohio Craft Museum. This artist was 
 in the Masters Class with me.
She has had work in Quilt Nationals, various
 museums and a very talented artist.
 I thought the back was just as interesting.
 I was sitting in a chair and glanced across the room
I thought the shadow was as interesting as the sculpture.
Over the next few days I will share some of the art I saw.
I would encourage everyone to go to QSDS.
There is an enriched group of artist  and teachers
to learn so much from.
Maybe put it on your calender for next year.

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