Thursday, October 25, 2018

New project

I saw this flannel quilt by David at Crimson Tate
in Indy. Called David at the shop and ordered it
and some additional yardage.

The back is fun also.
I may make this one for me.
Or my grandson who is building himself 
a house. Yes with his hands with a few friends.
I got a brown sofa I want to wrap with quilts.

Than I saw this shawl and thought .
I could crochet this onto a piece of wool 
flannel or acrylic.
I have been thinking of stopping my blog.
What ya think.
Will face book be enough or Instragram?

1 comment:

  1. Personally, I like having a blog and I really enjoy reading/seeing what others are doing on their blogs. FB/Instagram are nice but you don't get the detail nor can you go back and find something that interested you on social media like you can do on the blog. I'll keep my blog even if not one comments or reads it. It's my journal...I used to keep hard copy journals but no longer! My blog posts are printed out each year so I have a hard copy journal to leave to my children..or give to me when I get to the nursing home! HA Keep your blog..please!!! I love your pictures!