Monday, November 12, 2018

Life at Cedar Ridge

Well we are ready for winter.
2 new exterior doors, 3 new vent stack collars
 replacing the ones the squirrels chewed off.
all garden pots in the garage or turned over.
leaves and pine needles picked up. 
Irrigation blown out. water pumps drained.
Takes a lot in the Midwest to prepare for winter
Winter is my quiet place. 

I tried to make a fleece jacket.
Big fail. Made me look bigger than big.
So Saturday my daughter and grand daughter
came over. I filled 2 large black leaf bags
with all the fleece plus any thing plaid
( did I mention it was the plaid fleece)
winter fabric in the bags. Plus 6 containers
of yarn. My frozen hands make knitting and
crochet impossible now.

Sunday morning my son in law sent me a photo
of Kathy and Liz surrounded with the containers
planning what to do with the yarn and fabric.
Made my heart smile.

1 comment:

  1. Love your lawn ornament!!! Fleece can't be very flatterning that's for sure....but won't it be fun to see what your daughter ends up doing with all those goodies!!!