Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cold snow and winter

I woke up today to 4 degrees but bright and sunny

 Quiet fields with blue skies.
The birds have emptied the feeder. my husband made a feeder of a plastic plant saucer and mounted it on a pole. This way they cannot shove all the seed out on the ground. Sunday on that windy day the sparrows crouched down in the saucer to feed.
Today  I will start making the 5 tote bags I cut out yesterday. I am making them of wool tweeds and herringbone suiting. I go to the Salvation Army and buy old suit coats, wash and dry them. I find the best heavy wools that way.
I was in the basement working yesterday afternoon and looked up to see the deer looking back at me through the window while they munched the dead flower heads.They are doing my spring clean up for me.
While I had better start on my Christmas gifts.

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