Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 4 of Totes & only 7 days till Christmas

                          Day 4 of making totes. Christmas is getting closer only 7 days to go.
                         Getting the house ready for the 30 guests who will be here for dinner.
                          We will have a feast.
This tote  was made with scraps someone gave me plus some yardage of  red lotus fabric. The rectangle of purple started me off  and called for red as a compliment.  I take a piece of batting and  using the fabrics like paint  create a art quilt impromptu.
Its almost like painting.

I love the brightness of this tote and it is perfect for the library.
Fill it with books and you will be set for 2 weeks of reading.
If I am ever snowed in let it be in a Library.

I got lazy with this one and did not put in the zippered compartment.
This tote doesn't have a home yet. Some one will show up who it will be perfect for.
The next tote will be shades of brown and green.
Betty picked out the fabric at Easter for her tote and the green caught her eye.
Check back Sunday to see the results.


  1. You really have a talent for these purses. I have seen a lot of purses that look so flimsy, but yours are attractive, yet sturdy.

  2. All of your totes are fabulous! Lucky are the people on your Christmas list.