Sunday, December 26, 2010

The finish of the tote saga

While the totes have their home. Am I glad I let them choose
 because I would have picked wrong.
My daughter choose the mans suit tote
My sister choose the front one on the right
Betty got the front left one.
Amy choose the flower pocket  tote
Starla choose the African tribal tote
And that left Liz the collage art major
with the bright pink Fasset fabric tote.
I will have to make myself one.
Now to choose fabric again.
SO at the end of Christmas day
with 30 people
30 stockings
Dirty Gerty game with gifts
after everyone left.
My supper was 2 cups of tea
and 3 Motrin.
But is was great fun.


  1. I was inspired by your bag making. Made my own this morning from upholstery fabric,microsuede and another unidentifiable yard sale find. I more or less followed the instructions (I am written instruct challenged). I couldn't be bothered with making the straps so I purchased premade straps, making them longer so I have them shoulder length. Long story short, thanks for the inspiration. I will be trying this again soon.

  2. That is fun to let them choose. I did that for my SIL with my pile of journal covers.

  3. These are great! It is often hard to guess what someone else will like. I love all your choices. I would have picked either of the ones in front.