Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Whats new at Cedar Ridge.

               Thought you might enjoy last years Christmas card. I made 10 different watercolors.

      The female Cardinal is back at the bird feeder my husband made  from a plastic saucer.
           The Junco, female Cardinal and the Downy Woodpecker enjoying the sunshine today,
            Another of my presents to me. two small art quilt collages from Virginia Spiegel.
           You would think I had enough of Christmas but my daughter
           and I went in search of next years Christmas presents at 75%  off.
           When you do 30 stockings you can never start too early.


  1. If I had a saucer feeder, I would have 11 squirrels fighting to get into it. They even sit in nearby trees trying to figure out how to get to the food. good photos of the birds!

  2. I have a feeder I made from a saucer, too....but much less attractive. It's attached to the top of a tomato cage so I can move it around easily..LOL! So many of the birds appreciate the chance to sit down and eat rather than hanging somewhere. Love those art quilts! Your Christmas card is beautiful.