Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting a start on a new show. Walk through the woods with me.

 I have a solo show in May 2011 so I got busy yesterday.
Primed 24 bare canvases.
  with a mixture of blue, purple and black gesso.
 It makes a navy under-painting the shows through when I paint.
Gives a nice glow to the finished painting.
The  14 8"x10" canvases will be a series.
       I ordered 20 more 12" x 12" canvases
      from Blick to do another series.
                 This painting starts with  a Jasper red gesso.
                 I like using a color gesso  under-painting.
                 Adds another dimension to the painting.
                 The photograph of the Kankakee swamp is the subject.

                    This painting has the purple gesso under-painting.
                    The  finished painting will be spring tones.
                    The inspiration is the photo below I took in the 70's.
      I haven't decided yet what I am going to do with the leaves.
      My theme is "Walk through the woods with me"
     my favorite place to be.
      I just like the way they curled. Great shapes.


  1. ...very cool. I love the way these look before you've even finished them. Thanks for showing the dark gesso technique!

  2. wow...fascinating to see how you go about this. My son is an artist, but I seldom get to see his canvases in progress.