Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All set ready to create.

     My day started off with doing my homework for my pottery class on Friday
      We had to make impressions to use to add texture to wheel thrown pots.
       This class is all about texture.

This is my new signature which I will use in class to sign my work. Note the M V in the fish.
 I organized my frames, canvas's and completed work into categories.
Setting throughout are blanks to fill with art.
What ever possessed me to stretch such a big canvas- not just one but two.
This morning at 5 am I was sketching what I will attempt to paint on these monsters.
They will be the anchor for the theme Walk Through The Woods With Me

This wall is for paintings I  still have a few to finish.
I sorted empty frames  first so I can use what I have on hand first .
These will have collages, watercolors or art quilts in them.

 I am sure glad I got the smaller gallery. This wall shows some colleges, art quilts and watercolor.
I have 7 more finished to hang here. My wall space at home is 1/2 of what I need to fill at the gallery.

 I love these frames. I will do the one on the left to coordinate with the wooded scene.
 I got my paint cart and my table all set to paint.
I love sitting by the window to paint.
 I will start to paint Wednesday.

That is if I can stay away from the fabric and the sewing machine.
Love the color of these fabrics.

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