Monday, January 17, 2011

Working on my 2011 Solo show

I first organize what I have finished into categories.
I have paintings, photographs, collages,art quilts and some mixed media.
Today I sorted and ordered 21 photographs from
Today I am showing you some of the panoramic photos I will use.
My theme Walk Through the Woods with me
 has sunsets, sunrises, rivers fields and snow scenes.

      Sunset over the west pasture.
  Fall in the west pasture

 The barn on the way to the river.
 The beautiful Kankakee River runs through the woods.

Winter in the west pasture.
I am excited  and full of ideas . Wood and trees can be interpreted into so many  art ideas.
Watch as I progress through the next 3 months. I also started a pottery & wheel throwing class at the local collage.  The class will give me the ceramic pieces I need for the show.

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