Saturday, January 22, 2011

A blustry day on Cedar Ridge.

Snowy all day. Looks like a Christmas card.
 This bird house will be vacant until spring.
What bird would want to hang out in  this weather
The girls were visiting at the feeder. Filling up on food to stay warm.

 My words for the year is to create daily.
 I first worked on my homework for ceramic class.
I found this small watercolor for inspiration.
Using the colors I painted  my pattern in glazes
on the plaster of paris bat.
Than I will build a rim of clay around it and pour slip in.
The end result will be a larger version of the small disc  in the center.

Than I could not stay away from the fabric any longer.
I pulled out my red scrapes and started
making some crazy quilt squares.
I need a little practice with this. Photographs  tell all.
Spent another hour cutting strips & 10 inch squares
out of my Kaffe Fassett orange & Yellows.
I have been wanting to do this all week.

Found  the second quilt I made in a drawer 
 while looking for my supplies.
This is a fused quilt with a paint rag background.

 Quite a variety today I even finished one of my small paintings.
 For a snowy Saturday I was quite busy.

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