Thursday, August 29, 2013

Combining paint and photos with stitch.

 Just a little bit of what I am working on.
I print my photos on cotton and add some paint
to the mix. Than I stitch and mount on stretched
canvases.  Some interesting effects.
 The lake shore is so calming.
I like the inclusion of people in the photos.
 I went shopping with my daughter yesterday.
We haven't spent a day together since June.
It was nice to catch up on the family doings.
She needed to go shoe shopping. 5 pairs later
she had her fill. I needed more small canvases
and Michael's had a sale and a good coupon.
Now I need to unload the car and get into the studio.
I find it is easier to unload the car the morning
after shopping. Most of it goes to the studio today.

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