Sunday, August 25, 2013

Friday and Saturday's art quitls

 Friday I put this small art quilt together. My daughter
liked it so I need to make another. She said that
people like to look at tranquil scenes to relax. I
never thought of that before. They get away by
looking into the art quilt. This scene I took on my
way home from Grand Rapids. I took the scenic
route home and found this at the end of a cul-de-sac.
4 red lawn chairs on a bluff on Lake Michigan.
 Saturday I took one of my hot pads and turned it
into this small ditty. Than I chopped a quit into
2 pieces and made 2  12 by 12 sunsets.
I did not like it as a larger quilt and I think it
is perfect as two.
 What a cop out to get some quilts together fast.
Monday I will work on and finish the red flowers
reflected in the water for Dana. I hear she is coming
back from the west in September so if I hustle
 I can save the shipping cost and give it to her.
Have a great Sunday I am reading than I have a
opening to go to this afternoon. Perfect day.

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