Friday, April 13, 2012

Condos for Purple Martins

 My husband loves his birds.
This past winter he came up with this idea for  the
purple martins.
He made the houses out of PVC drain pipe,
and had the local welder construct the framework.
He just finished raising it Thursday and
the first bird scout showed up.
Went in several of the houses to check them out.
Hopefully it met with his approval and
he brings back the whole flock.
They are a fun bird to watch.
 He devised a winch system to raise and lower it.
He is such a practical man.
I had him help me decide how to set up my
new Kola cabinet. He thought of a  better way than I .
Definately a left brained person.
A good balance with the right brain artist.
 close up of a unit.

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